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Brazilian regulation has always provided for aviation law as a specific legal discipline. The 1934 Constitution had referred to air navigation and aviation law as an activity exclusive of Federal Government power to regulate.

Over the time, and with regards to the social and corporate interest, either public or private, of the diverse aspects faced by aviation law, it is founded that the principles that ground it has their origins in other law branches, such as constitutional law (international treaties), administrative law (concession or permission for aviation services, airports, control bodies and committees), civil and commercial law (civil liabilities, aircraft agreements, leasings, freight, mortgage, fiduciary guarantee, bankruptcy).

  • Advising and drafting of acquisitions agreements, leasing, freight, codeshare and financing;
  • Tax and customs matters in the importation of aircrafts, turbines and motors, spare parts, and in the operation of air companies;
  • Civil and commercial litigation and civil liabilities;
  • Administrative regulation on Aviation.
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